Collecting cancellation reasons

When a customer cancels a subscription you already have a negative feeling, but it's even worse if you don't know why. That's why asking the customer what made him cancel is important and can give you insight into a possible problem.

With Boathouse collecting cancellation reasons is just a checkbox away. Let's have a look at the options.

Pro Feature

If you want to collect cancellation features you have to upgrade to our pro plan.

Collecting Cancellation Reasons

On the configuration page under Advanced Settings you can enable the checkbox to collect cancellation reasons.

When enabled you have some more options:

  • Allow customers to enter their own reason: Enable this if you would like to allow customer's to provide their own answers instead just choosing from the list.
  • Require that customers provide a cancellation reason: The cancellation button will be disabled unless the customer chooses one of the reasons (or provides their own reason if you have enabled the above feature).

Under Possible Cancellation Reasons you can provide a list of cancellation options for the customer.

When activated the reason will be collected before a customer cancel their subscription.

Viewing Cancellation Reasons

You can see an overview of why customer's are cancelling on the Cancellation page.

Special note about other cancellation methods

If the user uses Paddle's own cancellation link (or you cancel the subscription using your Paddle dashboard) then no cancellation reason can be collected. Only if they use the Boathouse customer portal will the cancellation reason be collected.

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