Displaying localized currencies

If you have configured prices in different currencies in Paddle, Boathouse will automatically use those to display in the pricing tables and the customer portal. It's same underlying mechanism that Paddle uses to show the localized prices in their checkout.

Use automatic currency conversion in Paddle

The easiest way to provide an automatic local currency experience for your customer's is to enable the automatic conversion in your Paddle dashboard. Simply go to Business Account > Currencies and check the box "Select All" and click "Save".

Manually override currencies for certain countries

If you want to round numbers or just want to override certain prices for certain markets you can do so for each price in the catalog. Simply search for the country and set the custom price and currency.

Changes apply only to the future

Keep in mind any changes you make only apply to future subscriptions. Any existing customer's will still be billed at the rate and in the currency they used when originally subscribing.

Getting a Paddle Customer ID