Help Scout Plugin for Paddle

If you use Help Scout as your support tool of choice you can now install our plugin to get access to your Paddle information like customer data, subscriptions and transactions.

Pro Feature

If you want to use the Help Scout plugin you have to upgrade to our pro plan.

Add a new App in your Help Scout Account

In Help Scout navigate to Manage > Apps > Create to create a new app.

Next, click the "Create App" button top left.

Enter the following information into the form:

  • App Name: Boathouse
  • Callback URL:
  • Secret Key: not-used*
  • Inboxes: Choose the inboxes you would like to activate the plugin for.

*Boathouse doesn't use the Secret Key, so you can type any value. Instead you are asked to login to Boathouse when you start the plugin.

When you have finished the form should look something like this:

Click Save to save the changes.

Logging into the Boathouse Plugin for Help Scout

When you first start the pluginy, you will be asked to login to Boathouse. Click the login button to open a new tab and login with your Boathouse credentials.

Once you've completed the login you can close the sign-in screen.

Using the Help Scout Plugin to view Paddle information

For each mailbox you have enabled the plugin for it will automatically load in the sidebar and search for the customer in your Paddle data.

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