Customer Portal in Different Languages

You don't have to do anything to support multiple languages for your customer portal in Boathouse. The language the customer's browser will determine which of our supported languages is shown, but they can select a different one using a simple dropdown. The customer portal will remember this setting for this browser.

Email Support

When Boathouse sends email on your behalf the locale set in the Paddle account will be used to send a localized version of your email template. If the localized version is not found, the email will default to the English template.

To determine if a localized template exists the template alias will be prefix by the locale code.

Example: for the template "boathouse-renewal-reminder" and a customer locale set to "de", Boathouse will first search in Postmark for a template alias called "de_boathouse-renewal-reminder". It will receive the same template variables as the default template.

On your emails page you can add the default Boathouse templates (or add any missing translations of Boathouse templates) to your Postmark account. You can also use the template manager to delete translated versions and re-created them from scratch if you need to.

Supported Languages

Currently Boathouse supports 20 languages:

  1. English (default)
  2. Afrikaans
  3. Czech
  4. Danish
  5. German
  6. Spanish (Spain)
  7. Spanish (Latin America and Caribbean)
  8. Finnish
  9. French
  10. Hungarian
  11. Italian
  12. Georgian
  13. Dutch
  14. Norwegian
  15. Polish
  16. Portuguese (Portugal)
  17. Portuguese (Brazil)
  18. Romanian
  19. Swedish
  20. Turkish
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